Ode To A Mango written by Charlie Bottle at Spillwords.com

Ode To A Mango

Ode To A Mango

written by: Charlie Bottle



This golden goodness moment,
holds the tropical sweetness,
of a svelte, silky nectar,
bound in thousand fibers.
This ablution of delight,
washes my taste buds in joy,
lighting a million synapses,
that sing happy arias,
to the awesomeness of you,
and of your goodness cased in time,
within this golden orb sublime.

Summer casts a spell abroad,
in billion blossoming blooms,
and opens wide its green shawls,
to your overflowing love,
and then encapsulates it,
in the flowers, fruits and seeds,
along with sun ripened days,
and liquid crystalline rains,
and the balmy winds that blow,
rocking, and soothing with joy.
while the sap runs to nourish,
and fill fruits with more goodness,
from the depths of the dark earth.

The rhapsodies of your love,
sung on hills, valleys and trees,
by the roaring cataracts,
and murmuring waterfalls,
in ponds, lakes and the seas,
rushing rivers sing your praise.
in every season and time,
is sung a hymn to your love.
whispering your name, trees bow,
filling these rustling rhythms,
with your melodious sweetness.
then flush with your love, fruits ripely blush.

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