Ode To Summer, poetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

Ode To Summer

Ode to Summer

written by: LadyLily



Buttercups whisper yellow
as rows of smiling roses awake,
to witness first spears of saffron.
Withering foliage sails
to crumble on sponged grass,
as sepia breezes scatter ancient duffs…
to a graveyard of ochre ribbons.

Rubied roses, beacons of light…
Petals fall, a scarlet river runs,
seeping aromas of fresh peach
as plum-crayoned Poppies shade Violas,
who pout with delight.
Crepe tipped buds ready to crash…
Tangerine Tiger Lilies,
their ginger will flare.
Daisies grin when glancing
at graceful arrays.

A moon slumbers
where rainbows melt golden ashes.
Chorales of songbirds’ cradle
in dreamy shadows of a new dawn,
as past whispers pursue perfumed Wisteria
whilst dancing a Marigold maypole.

Ruffled clouds spill silver raindrops
Over breath of summoned ghosts.
They shiver naked in no-man’s land
compelling winds to wheeze…
As scents of honey hover
Bell flowers illuminate
blooms of harmonic trumpets.



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Love writing poetry in all styles, stories and working on a novel. Subjects range widely... about life in this world and the next, the beauty of the natural world and the grip of human emotions. First volume of poems self-published on Amazon kindle. 'LadyLily's Poems, Book 1, Wonders of Nature, Life Slices, Life After Life & Netherworlds.

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