Old Flames, a poem by Dilip Mohapatra at Spillwords.com
Umesh R Desai

Old Flames

Old Flames

written by: Dilip Mohapatra



They say
two make company
and three a crowd
but we three were there
and solitude
underneath the
awning of the dawn
and while the few fading stars
waved at us
the wandering waves
stared at us
and crashed ashore
while turning into
receding ripples repeatedly…
they surely
understood our heart beats
racing faster
and faster
outdoing their
rhapsodic rhythm…

You said nothing
I said nothing
yet we felt
what was unsaid
and what dissolved
into the solipsistic silence
our eyes sparklingly
conveyed the forgotten desire
and then we reach the
point of no return
where I found you
and you found me
excavated from the debris
of the past
as we rediscovered the fire
which never had died
and now rekindled
which leapt into life
in no time
to become an inferno
both of us
as we melt into each other
and become
an inseparable

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