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Old Order

written by: rajnishmishravns



All old order is subject to decay,
they say, and when fate summons,
old ways free fall. Heart-held loves,
friends, hatreds, foes: all. Yes, all
give way to mighty time’s sway.
Bright, fearless, grand, green youthful years
With each passing year grow
thick wisdom layers, while marching on its way,
time fills with fears the cup full of joy
and life eternal. Wisdom and fear
almost lose their powers when time is stretched
and moments go eternal. For lost is that fear
overhead that hovers, and wisdom unwanted
unused lies there, where heart burns deep
sans flames infernal.



Rajnish Mishra has a PhD in English literature and he has been active in the areas of teaching, research and writing for nearly a decade now. He has published more than a dozen books, and has edited six books. His love for his city and his awareness of its effects on his psycho-social development led him to starting his own blog in 2011.

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