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On Father’s Day

On Father’s Day

written by: Sonali Lakhera


To the two kinds of fathers-
both toiling hard
Some earn just bread
But avarice fills many.

There is this first category
toiling in the fields,
In battles taking leads
or laying their lives
or following nine to five-
a hectic day,
to meet the targets
They strive and thrive;
to far off lands,
to high skies
to deep blue seas
What a hazardous life!
For whose very sake,
the fights they take
leave them behind;
those of their kind
to faraway lands
away from the friends
alienated from self
Just to make life,
is their strife

And those who lecture values
in colleges and schools;
and those who labour hard
with their tools;
Happy Father’s Day to all,
all those men,
who rise and fall-
and rise again
to stand just tall.
Happy father’s day to all.
The winners of dreams
and thousands of smiles
To all the fathers of
This first kind …

A prayer… A humble one
To the other kind…
Those who take corrupt ways
serving their greed
thus, go astray.
For their doting children,
follow the way-
Having fun
on city roads
speeding fancy cars
for they do dare
Killing folks…
Oh, why should they care?
For children who grow up
carrying guns,
in a shooting spree
Kill millions.
Alas! The values they’ve learned none.
Not their fault indeed.
.. Nobody taught them even a bit.
They grew up in a sea of money
surrounded by vices,
not few but many.
Turned out to be what they saw
Not their fault, they didn’t know,
of right and wrong,
‘Cause they heard a song,
of rich being great
but that was wrong.
Not their fault at all it was.

A humble prayer to this second type …
please ponder over your acts
And do get right your facts.
If money could buy happiness.
happiest would be the richest
But alas it’s not true.

Still, happy Father’s Day
To all of you.
Category one and of course two
But would not it be great
In type one to find your fate?
It is a humble request
Fathers, you can make this world
A place with happiness blessed.

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