On October 31st, poetry by Paula Puolakka at Spillwords.com
Max Gotts

On October 31st

On October 31st

written by: Paula Puolakka


On October 31st, people can be whatever they want to be:
intuition and true feelings are hailed instead of the expectations of
the Christians, the Muslims, and the science-oriented Atheists.

On October 31st, Nature’s supremacy is unquestionable.
The pink buds of summer are gone, and the prickly roses of fall
– thistles – have turned brown and black, lowering their heads before the Lord.

On October 31st, the gateway to Death’s mansion is open.
The season is ruled by Scorpio, and the themes of the celebrations
may give you a hint, why many of the well-known murderers were born in November?

On October 31st, however, Life and Love are also present:
from the ashes of the old world, the trailblazer – Taurus – will arise,
and slowly but surely, he will build a kingdom for Leo, the Master of Hearts.

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