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…On Poetry and Fiction Just “One Word” Away (“Collinwood”)

…On Poetry and Fiction

Just “One Word” Away (“Collinwood”)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



One word becomes one idea, becomes one sentence, becomes one poem, becomes one story. It must start from just “one word”. Today my one word is “Collinwood”.



From generation to generation, the essence of “Dark Shadows” and life in “Collinwood” is still strong today. The Gothic Soap Opera lives on. It first began on June 27, 1966, and sadly came to an end on April 2, 1971. I wrote this poem in memory of, and dedicated to, the extraordinary storylines and stellar performances by the many characters who blessed our television screens in an early time when black and white television viewing was the only option. Not too long after, color enhanced the journey…I wrote this poem from a Brooklyn, New York, perspective – originally titled “Dark Shadows (From Brooklyn to Collinwood – 1966)”. Hope you enjoy it.



School was out in Brooklyn, New York
The same hour each and every day
It was time to get over to Collinwood
We must surely find a way
Do we travel there by foot, by bus, by train
– Perhaps by carriage, may I say?
– Or simply watching from our living rooms
in front of television sets, would be okay
Only black and white in that early time
Soon color enhanced the journey – ‘Twas so sublime!

Must be there by 3:30 pm my friends…C’mon, Let’s go!
Must travel from our mundane lives
Into the world of the Original “Dark Shadows” of 1966, you know!
…Yes! Although we felt as if we were looking
into that room of “parallel time”,
which happened in the East Wing,
we knew it was soon to surely become
yours, ours and mine
We could see and hear “them”, with ne’er a chance to touch
We were elated to be a part of it all, so very, very much

So we watched, we stared, we wondered, we cared…
We smiled to know “they” would always be there…
We saw Barnabas, Quentin, Dr. Hoffman, Angelique
Liz, Roger, Maggie, Carolyn … and so many others we seek
There was Barnabas’ bite, and Quentin’s theme –
So truly romantic and sensual it seemed
Dr. Hoffman, the Queen of facial expressions
Angelique – who carried out curses and spells sessions
Her beauty, her brains and her sinister smile
Cunning enough to deceive and beguile

…All the rest, unique in their own right
…All the rest, surely there to delight
All strutting past us, living their lives,
transcending time, while the old clock chimes
Then back to the present as we watched in awe
Mystery, mayhem, treats galore
Hauntings and séances evermore

With glee we welcomed this meet and greet
So very palatable, so very sweet
The Vampire! The Werewolf! We wanted more!
The Witch! The Ghosts! We did adore
We cherished each rendezvous with the occult
From human to zombie – the final result
…and those unaware; untouched by a “curse”
– for a short time only –
as their fates may turn worse

We tried to wave at them and say hello
They seemed standoffish – but they didn’t know
How we’d gone unnoticed – Our tale of woe
Yet, we made our way to Collinwood
Faithfully, each and every day
Somehow they had to know we were there
We gazed in hopes they’d become aware

No need for an invitation
Or a curse to place us in their space
We wanted to stay; it was now our choice
And it soon became our place
So by the televisions in our living rooms
Our bright eyes and happy hearts, as well
We lived in Collinwood, under our own devoted spell

When “they” realized we were watching
They returned the affection tenfold
We were forever joined in this strange marriage
Oh Yes! To always have and to always hold
…So we slipped away for just a while
And made that daily “great escape”
Where we laughed, we cried; we happily sighed
With all of our mouths running agape!

Until the journey was over and done
Tomorrow, perhaps, a new day of fun
But we were back in our own “Brooklyn” world
Doing the talk and doing the walk
Amongst scattered school books, pencils and chalk
Yes! Collinwood was our second home
Our home away from home
In the world of lovely “Dark Shadows”
…where even today, so many years later,
It all very much matters…

From generation to generation
We take this journey e’er so gladly
To Collinwood…Yes, to Collinwood
We embrace its essence, so madly
With our children and grandchildren all at our side
We share this story – this journey – with pride
Call it an obsession, or maybe possession???
Call it what you may
I call it magic from a time that once was
A time that will ne’er fade away…



This Poem is dedicated to the Gothic Soap Opera “Dark Shadows”, the “Collinwood Estate”, its unique story lines and extraordinary characters from the 1966-1971 Series. It’s amazing how this show still attracts attention, interest and viewers today, from generation to generation. I’m sure there are many of you out there who have been, and still are, fans of the show. Hope you enjoy this poem through my Brooklyn-perspective, from that time long ago in 1966.

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