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On The Balcony

On The Balcony

(Summer Eve)

written by: Marija Eljuga



Wide, spacious balcony, arrived at by side stairs
Honey smell in my nostrils
Immortelle, basils, sage, heather

Sitting on the balcony
Delicious balmy air
Gently, lovingly elevated
the resting side of the hill
Dear relative, neighbour on her side,
Close, in harmony with the air, with us

Soft silky smooth, peaceful night
Ease and beauty of the summer night
Softness of the air … still, delicious evening

By my granny’s side
A fragrant sprig in her hair, her favourite
She loves me too
She loves me best too
Thank god for my granny

We all sit together
Animals fed, fields tended to
On the resting side of the hill, job done for the day
Dinner we had already
Peaceful evening; the cicadas and us
After dinner pleasant joy
Nothing disturbs the air loving us

Oh, look is that a car there on the other side of the valley
Oh, yes it’s a car…
One coming this way maybe
Who might it be?
Delicious summer air
And cicadas
And softness and calm, and grandma
This is love

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