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On The Bus

On the bus

written by: Janday Lee



I love to take the bus
and look out of the window glass.
Gazing at the street lights
that shine brightly at night.

A papa holding his little boy’s hand
building castle in the sand.
A mama giving her toddler a piggyback
the little one sleeps soundly against her tired back.

A man holding a bouquet of flower
waiting anxiously for his beloved’s arrival.
Will she accept his proposal
or will it be a refusal?

A stray dog barking at the cat
who is after its snack.
Food is scarce
So it doesn’t want to share, I guess.

The sky begins to roar
bringing along lightning and all.
Soon it starts to rain
the footballers have to end their game.

Finally, my bus stop is in sight
signalling it’s my turn to alight.
Good night
my friends, sleep tight.

Janday Lee

Janday Lee

A believer of the magical power of words.
Janday Lee

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