On Top of The World, a prose written by Hema Ravi at Spillwords.com
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On Top of The World…

On Top of The World…

written by: Hema Ravi


The cerulean blush of the new morn beckons even as I wake up with a yawn. I gazed open-mouthed at the pristine vastness. A scene such as this, I never ever saw. I wonder what lies beyond the blue, crimson, yellow, and green. It is so vast, vaster than the meadow green I’ve always seen.

My transparent heart, I open before you, no storm in a teacup, I now brew.
In that snowy-vastness, in that heavenly-stillness, in contrast to my crass-narrow mind, there is much serenity. And in that surreal silence when I am engulfed, all my sorrows, my misgivings lie extinguished.

Well, I was at my wits’ end. My health was at its worst. I had suffered burnout. I was a mental and a physical wreck. I definitely needed a break! I had to find a way. I knew that sorcerers or astrologers would be of no help, they’d be interested more in what I’d be able to pay….

And that’s when it came in a flash from within – Take off to the hills, the distant snowy peaks, where you’d not find a soul for miles –only rivers gurgling, alpines whispering, skies enticing and the horizon, stretching endless over the snow-kissed hills. Solitude is bliss, heavenly, at that!

Search within! – The path to freedom….

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