Once More With Feeling? by Aaron Marchant at Spillwords.com

Once More With Feeling?

Once More With Feeling?

written by: Aaron Marchant


Will there be one last miracle this lifetime?
Will we meet for the first time and just ‘know’?

Will I wake one morning nervous, excited, urgent, anticipating?
Will I again, fuss and fret over fashions and accessories?

Will we share a day we wish would never end?
Will we hold hands like children in the playground?

Will we laugh at silly jokes only we two understand?
Will our eyes gently close as our lips first meet?

Will I breathe new life into those weary words ‘I love you’?
Will you hear them as if they had never before been said?

Will we one distant day, sit nonchalantly on a spring afternoon,
familiar and content?
Will we remember to remember how unlikely this once seemed,
and how lucky we are?

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