One Day, poetry by Aniedi Ita Bassey at
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One Day

One Day

written by: Aniedi Ita Bassey


One day, you will not see me again,
I have been trying to make this love work out, but all you do is kick me out of the pitch.

One day, when you will need me;
When you’ll realised that I’m gone
forever, you’ll know what you’ve lost.

One day, when things will fall in place
I will never forget you for the stunt and the drama you have always performed.

One day; when I will tell the story of you in lines and stanzas, using a simile to compare you, and then irony to describe your wrongs.

One day, when the wind of old age will pay you a visit, you will remember the things I told you; things which were in parables full of facts.

One day, I will tell my posterity that true love exists, but it is rare to find; I will tell them how you broke my peace into pieces with mercy.

One day, until that day comes, my lips will remain sealed, and my eyes will also continue to shade these tears that cannot stop flowing.

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