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One Day

One Day

written by: C.R. Daugherty


Beneath a sky of greymaulkin a shroud
Arise our sun in royal blue delight
With rays to scatter overhills the cloud
Of all encompassing the sacred night

Though storm be passed, still rise the candlelight
A harmony reflected in the dawn
Cerulean beholden in our sight
The hues intoned by avian anon

Suffuse into our home the colors drawn
From palette of creator in the sky
Our shade and cyan lift the birds in song
To lilt and chitter nature’s reveille

A window sky of periwinkle sees
Our sun ascend to heights of summer blaze
The wisp of cirrus whisper on the breeze
The grain on which we ruminators graze

The sun across the sky in spectral rays
May heavens hide in cloud his blazing smile
And for our love of brazen summer days
Be lifted up our life to reconcile

Forevermore the cosmos in her style
To birth her life in heavens of a name
A sable sentry night of winsome guile
All through the night the light remain the same

A serpent circle seemingly untame
Our nature lends to dusk in colors bold
And lambent yet at once be nature’s claim
The cycle always new and known of old

Awaiting for the sun deliver gold
With rays to scatter overhills the cloud
An azure night retreats into the fold
Beneath a sky of greymaulkin a shroud

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