One Night Soon, poetry by Cristina Munoz at
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One Night Soon

One Night Soon

written by: Cristina Munoz



one night soon i will tell you,
what i want to do, exactly how i feel
which i keep on not revealing,
as you keep on silencing me,
when your fingers slowly fiddle with my tie,
while you snake those long arms around my neck
each time your sultry sensuality surrounds me
every time your bold eyes look me up and down
whenever you whisper husky clear in my ear
i find it impossible to respond in kind,
so act extra soft butch cool, pretend to be unmoved
or if a touch braver try to show you with my mouth.
when all i really want to do is whisk you into a taxi
witness your splendour under and over my sheets
have my own way with you until the sun smiles wide

if one night soon,
i told you everything i want to do
say, you can have me anyway you want too
declare my deepest feelings for you
without leaving a single word alone,
would i silence you?

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