One Perfect Moment, a poem by Sonali Lakhera at
Andrew Kosobokov

One Perfect Moment

One Perfect Moment

written by: Sonali Lakhera


Snuggled around the dancing flames
The dangling flames
Emanating warmth
Under the dark skies
muffled by frosty winds.

The element is strange
The element of fire
What are they made of- the flames?
The luminescent
Bright hues
Orange and scarlet
And now blue.

Wrapped in threadbare shaw,
I comfort myself.
The hues of flames
instilling new hopes
new dreams;
of better tomorrow,
a brighter day.
Longing for something
I know not…
What is it?
It seems Unattainable
ever moving out of reach.
beyond the clasp of my hands.
Forever waiting
for the right moment
To live wholly
in the moment
that keeps slipping
through the fingers
like dry sand.

The smouldering fire
calling the wild child inside me
to come out and play
in the snow
ignoring the chill.

Soon it becomes
the red hot coal.
The bright crimson coal
Burning silently
Stealthily but bright
Teaching me to
Move on
Keep going
Come what may.
The contemplating youth
planning the future
burning silently
all energised.

And before I realise
It’s smothered to ashes.
The cold ashes.
Leaving me cold again.
Before I could feel the warmth,
I am dead and cold
The long awaited moment
Never arrives

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