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Only Sky

written by: Casimir Wojciech



A few mountains and above them
is only sky. We understand this
to mean that we are all floating
on a rock. Little wars raging
inside our skulls. Yes, some large.

Everyone wants to fight a large war
throughout the course of their life.
Keeps the days manageable. Makes the wine
taste sweet. But there is nothing above
the mountains. Only sky. We understand this.

It means the body is a vessel through
which we learn to understand our
Self. We do things with it, like shovel snow,
pick up sea shells, build gardens and make love.

Through these activities we come to
know ourselves. A little bit at a time.
The way sweat forms at the brow,
runs down the cheek, sometimes
to the lips or rain collecting in puddles
and the next day they're gone.

Casimir Wojciech

Casimir Wojciech

Casimir Wojciech is from Northern California and resides in the Sonoran Desert. His work is featured online via Empty Mirror, Burning House Press, proletaria, X-Peri, and elsewhere.
Casimir Wojciech

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