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Oscar Worthy

written by: Alyssa Brocker



let's pretend that we're happy.
let's pretend you didn't cheat.
let's pretend you mean it when you say "I love you.”
let's pretend I don't see your red eyes,
and you don't see mine.
let's pretend you never hit me.
i swear, it was just that one time.
let's pretend I'm not that stupid girl
who keeps on coming back.
oh wait,
i'm not acting.
that's me.

Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker

2016 AUTHOR OF THE YEAR at Spillwords.com
Alyssa Brocker is a twenty-year old college graduate.
She found her love for poetry by working with her theater group to create an original play written in prose.
She lives with her beloved dog who is always her first reader.
Alyssa Brocker

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