Our Degrading Environment, a poem by Dibyajyoti Talukdar

Our Degrading Environment

Our Degrading Environment

written by: Dibyajyoti Talukdar


Our environment is suffering much pollution,
This can be the cause of its degradation.
And it is occurring very rapidly,
We must take measures to improve it gradually.

Our environment gives us oxygen and fresh air,
Which is essential for our personal welfare.
So if we can’t think good of others,
Then let’s think about us.
And take necessary measures,
To live our happy life with pleasures.

These days there are many unwanted disasters,
Whose root causes are our greedy affairs.
Our luxurious desires were more,
But we never thought of its consequences before.

My heart fills with sorrow and emotion,
When I think of next generation.
We will be responsible for their destruction,
On realisation we will seek our mother earth for construction.
But that will be too late!
That will be too late!

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