Our Hope is Coming, Our Hope is Here! poetry by Linda Nonyelu at Spillwords.com
Mohamed Nohassi

Our Hope is Coming, Our Hope is Here!

Our Hope is Coming, Our Hope is Here!

written by: Lindalines


I thought it was a dream
But nay it wasn’t
I thought I couldn’t see him
But yeah I did
I saw him riding like a horse
The crowd therein was like the sand of the sea shore
Behold our hope is coming

I didn’t mind the eyes gazing
I swam across
I didn’t mind if be shot down
I persisted
Alas, i fixed my gaze on him
He looked down on me with a smile
I felt the sensation
He didn’t speak to me
But his smile spoke to me in a thousand way
His smile was painting the picture
‘Be ready to take back your future’

You are our hope papa!
I wish he could hear me say that
I opened my mouth wide as I spread my hands in awe
I can perceive the aroma of hope
Raising like thick flames above the sky

Our hope is coming
The night is about to roll before us
A new dawn is about to awake
I can feel my tomorrow from today
Our hope is coming!
Our hope is here!

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