Our numbered days by Rando Mithlo at Spillwords.com

Our Numbered Days

Our numbered days

written by: Rando Mithlo



This path long in driftwood broke
Contrast the char of bonfire gone
I know you have been here before
In blackberry trail, in pattern worn

To solve somethings, think, revere
Hunted treasure, forgetting fail
In good measure in great detail
You’d write it with pointed branch
Wave washed, but I know what it said

Sat awhile on blanching wood
You cast afloat and then return
To where one knew a ring was lost
Has sand slowly buried a past
In all of our numbered days
Our minds see that strange way

Walked a loop and into myself
Up to a tide of glancing glare
Don’t get up from the water’s rush
Traced, crashed, and overrun

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