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Our Unfinished Song

Our Unfinished Song

written by: Aishwarya Chauhan


Lest water fills in my ears
One of the hundred fears
Exquisitely beautiful swimming pool
Depicting the hovering clouds
Ball of sky-blue wool
With a tinge of snow

Perhaps aquaphobia
Perhaps I’m too protective
For my ears – my listening machine
Perhaps they are a treasure, my life dependency
Perhaps I don’t want to be deaf

All I am left with is this tape

Your recorded voice, our unfinished song
Sound of swimming pool water
Serenity but with an attachment of dread
Lyrics that you scribbled on my naked chest
Like the reel of the tape
Words circling each other

My fingers, lifeless
Dying to feel alive
Press play on the cassette deck
Your voice fills the room
A million emotions arise
A never-ending desire begins
To see you, to embrace you
To never let you go
Your voice
Fills my body with life

The life that was long lost
Lost in you
Lost with you
Returns in the form of
Words, music, rhythm, feelings
And you

A rainbow sprouts
In the fields of black clouds

We dance, we laugh
Red wine we drink
From each other’s lips
Tired we sit

I want to complete the song, you say
I grab a paper
And a pen
You smile, oh your winsome smile
I know the reason
That makes me smile too
In the next heartbeat moment
I feel your long, thin fingers on my naked chest
Carving the words
I listen to your voice
My voice joins yours
An alluring melody
Together we hum
Our song

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