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written by: Alyssa Brocker



it’s when…
my step-dad and I
spend three hours
on the roof hanging lights.
stepping back,
admiring our work.
it’s never the biggest,
house on the block,
but it’s
my mom and brother,
baking in the kitchen.
it isn’t first class dinning,
it’s the best food I’ve ever tasted,
because it’s ours.
it’s my family,
all together,
singing carols off-key,
burning the sweet potatoes,
the cat knocking over the tree,
laughing till we can’t breathe,
having the best holiday

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Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker

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Alyssa Brocker is a twenty-year old college graduate. She found her love for poetry by working with her theater group to create an original play written in prose. She lives with her beloved dog who is always her first reader.
Alyssa Brocker

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