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Out of Love

Out of Love

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Lately when I touch your hand
or gaze into your eyes
suspiciously you pull away
and now I wonder “why?”

Are not these hands the very same
you sought to hold in yours?
Oh, tell me Love, please do explain
why are you so forlorn?

While still my eyes remember well
the loving looks you gave,
now only found in memories
I visit more each day.

What is this place we occupy,
where love once reigned supreme?
Abandoned now, the loving acts
are like forgotten dreams.

There now exists an emptiness
it looks as though we’ve lost
the love that used to motivate
seems gone now and forgot.

We sacrificed love’s little acts
while chasing life’s success;
the tender, caring thoughtful deeds
occurring less and less.

My darling as I write these words
from deep within my heart,
I pray that they may generate
for us a brand new start.

Please offer me a loving glance
to show you understand.
I know that we can get through this,
my Sweetheart, hand in hand.

Sue Marie St. Lee

Sue Marie St. Lee

Sue Marie St. Lee is a retired Finance Manager realizing her life-long dream of writing professionally. She has been featured in international horror anthologies, Spillwords Press and the Paper Djinn. In the year of the plague, 2020, she is transitioning from the horror genre to Fantasy, Inspirational fiction, and Faith-based fiction while continuing to work on writing the memoir of her late son.
Sue Marie St. Lee

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