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written by: Precibus



Intelligent, independent, narcissist. I have loved you for more than a year.
But now we have to face this great divide, all plans lost.
I knew that it would happen.
Oxytocin, he would take you away.

All the things I know dissolve into emotion. I lose you through cognitive dissonance, to Oxytocin, that stupid boy who doesn't know what you mean to me. You've forgotten what I mean to you. Your ego swells as you "toy" with him, but in reality, he toys with you and you know it. You tell me.

But you don't care. About Christmas, about me visiting overseas, about the time we were meant to spend together, about the ideas we were meant to share.

It is my fault. Hesitation. Cowardice. Self doubt. Technical difficulties.
We don't know the sounds of each other's voice.
You don't know how my mind feels.

But I know your mind, and it brings me so much pain.



26, just finding my voice. One day I hope to study music and be a professional lyricist. I like to develop my personal mythology to describe life, and relate to old mythology too.

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