Pagan Night of Samhain, a poem by Löst Viking at

Pagan Night of Samhain

Pagan Night of Samhain

written by: John Anthony Fingleton (Löst Viking)


Come step into the Pagan Night;
Embrace upon your shoulders, a cloak of raven’s wings.
And lace into your magic hair,
The wolf of Bethlehem.
Step gently on the emerald grass,
Moist from virgins tears;
And walk along the secret path –
Into the forest near.

The wavering voices of the trees,
Will lead you to that place;
Where ancient words are still intoned,
And secret rites embraced;
Not shattered by the tower calls,
Or a man risen from the dead,
Deceit and lies from prophet’s mouths
Has strengthened them instead.

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