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written by: Fallen Engel



You are not a knight of the quill that scanned the battle from afar. You never did what you wanted but did what you should. The meaning of a knight means a boy who comes into the age of bearing arms or a servant. Well, you are certainly not a boy but a servant to us all. So gallant and brave, not just a knight but a White Knight, my savior and rescuing hero. Being a Paladin Warrior, you are a man with a cause and impossible to defeat. Eternally showing kindness to children and animals of this Earth but woe to the evil of this world. But along this journey, you have suffered immensely. You have thrown yourself into the maelstrom of many components and elements. Now I want to collect all the shards of broken pieces and align them back to their former self. You can kiss all my falling tears and finally heal my soul. So together we are one and not separate entities who suffer alone.

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