Pale Thoughts, poetry written by Nnane Ntube at
Hennie Stander

Pale Thoughts

Pale Thoughts

written by: NNANE NTUBE



O what can man do? Life’s no life,
Sitting and sadly watching
The world being dragged behind
by a virus’ trenchant hands
And listening to voices soaked in wails

O where can man go?
Home has put on a strange face
And inmates are wearing away
Leaving behind untold tales,
Loose pages dancing in the wind

Pale mouths can’t stand a tear
Our lifestyles we’ve kicked away
To ascertain a save stay
Wherefore man’s his own ghost
As he wanders on a lifeline
Like a leafless, abandoned tree

O how quick our hearts beat
Like a talking drum
Pleading for an end of life’s pause
Drumming and drumming
Like a djembe, inviting Frey

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