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written by: Alexander Wolff


I stare into this infinite abyss
Half-completed notebooks and burning pages
Blank walls of muted shades

This symphony in a minor key –
Where gaunted melodies hang in thin air –
Songs I’ve heard over twenty times before
The same lyrics set to a different pitch

Dissonant notes rebound off hollow walls
A bleached surface which guards me from all –
From the smell of pine and the wind’s soft caress –
Of the worldly gusts and all that was missed

Windows that glimpse a lively Earth –
A blanket of baby blue and the songs of birds –
But thin glass distorts vibrant shades when
I scrape this sullen mirror with a dull blade

Windows are nothing more
Than a nexus to the next life

But staring into pane is useless
When doors are locked
And dead-bolted

Alexander Wolff

Alexander Wolff

Alexander Wolff is a poet who studies Buddhism, music, and psychology. His main inspirations are the unity of human suffering, Confessionalism, and personal experiences of life.

"Poetry bridges the gap between reality and phantasy."
Alexander Wolff

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