Paradise is, a poem by Nicole Sara at

Paradise is

Paradise is

written by: Nicole Sara


What is a promise, a dream?
What is hope or desire?
What is a heart’s burning flame
setting all senses

on fire?

What is the mind’s adventure
and which is the soul’s sweet ease?
What if life’s sole purpose
is being caressed

by the breeze…

Do days always reach for remoteness
and dawns always shine so divine
casting far chime over moments,
driving refrain

and new rhyme?

When frowns or smiles or doubts
orbit each minute’s deep beats,
deeper yet heavenly rays
pierce from across

bluer seas…

Longing for further, for warmer
yearning for promising skies,
golden triumphant tomorrows
beyond strained sinews

and eyes

Ploughing and steering steadily
ready to fall to your knees,
holding horizons at heart
finding what

paradise is…

Nicole Sara

Nicole Sara

I have been posting on my blog at WordPress since February 2015, words and photography always having been my beloved passions. Writing verse feels otherworldly to me, a portal towards infinite possibilities... always unexpected and liberating. I began by writing poems in Romanian, but in 2016 I also started pairing the originals with their almost word-for-word translation into English. I find inspiration all around me, the beauty and intelligence of everything within or without, which always somehow reminds me of a Gary Paulsen quote I like, "I tried to contain myself... but I escaped!"
Nicole Sara

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