Paragon and Oasis of Love, poetry written by Sevilla at
Jordan Steranka

Paragon and Oasis of Love

Paragon and Oasis of Love

written by: Sevilla



Rooster’s eye; tick and tock, winged-clock.
Landscape around, fog dips on the ground.
Roses scents wander around,
That leaves me red tints cheeks on seat,
A love spell perfume at our feet.
“I remember your body unmoving on cypress:
Almond lonely eyes and chapped lips,
And reddish hair on your bruised shoulder.
I have seen your purest nakedness,
And that beauty leaves me speechless.”
You and I, swayed and danced along romance,
With rhapsodies and melodies
With all the blended litanies.
Carriage windows flung wide-open,
O there’s a delicate mountain
With sweet strawberry field hidden,
A dream of his maiden.
Scent of summer air,
Like clouds imbided a golden lull,
Or sprays of empty autumn’s dull.
A love-glories that danced with a gold,
Shed above his skies,
O dear, there’s no old.

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