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Particles Unknown

written by: Shehbaz Khan


The lost particles,,
Of my self..
Once together,
Filled with joys,,
Bliss and ecstasy,
But now,,
Lost to the scattering winds...
To the unexperienced regions,,
Making it hard,,
For myself,,,
To breathe adequately,,
And you...
Because of whom,,
My Universe was enlightened,,
Self enlightened by the small stars...
For me...
Those stars..
Are nothing...
But making my lifeless life,,
More bleak and bleak...

Shehbaz Khan

Shehbaz Khan

I am Shehbaz Siraj living in Peshawar, Pakistan.
I am Mphil Scholar in English literature and at present working as lecturer in literature at Numl Peshawar Campus.
I write short stories and poems.
Shehbaz Khan

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