written by: K. RADHAKRISHNAN


Can I get my passage to heaven?
Oh, I heard about that place very often,
They say it is a place where there is no night or morn,
A place full of smiles and no scorn.

Is it a place floating around the sky,
Where all our desires would be met with abundant supply,
Where celestial nymphs dance and sing us lullaby,
Where we can indulge in pleasures to gratify.

I wanted to apply for a visa to travel to heaven,
But visa will be given on satisfaction of certain conditions,
We should be leading a sinless life for admission,
Having committed many sins, it will lead to my disqualification.

But I am hell-bent on seeing heaven,
If I am not admitted there, here I will create one,
Heaven is a state of being, not a pin-coded location,
I will find it in our midst, it is my resolution.

Where there is peace, harmony and order,
Where love and truth is accepted as divine charter,
Where hearts of all connect to remove man-made borders,
Where equality and justice prevails to remove disorders.

Where we all dwell together in peace and understanding,
Where all follow the righteous path and be humans upstanding,
Where hatred, war and violence are not existing,
Where the force of love strengthens human bonding

May we all make this earth a real paradise,
May noble thoughts like stars in all minds arise,
Join me in this mission, to all I humbly invite,
It does not cost much, only our selfishness to sacrifice.


© K.Radhakrishnan

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