Patella is Latin for Kneecap, poetry by TheRichardBraxton at
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Patella is Latin for Kneecap

Patella is Latin for Kneecap

written by: TheRichardBraxton



And a little girl
Admired my sticking bank,
Dew, and spider light in the grass.

And a little girl
Not on the ground but the table.
She dried herbs and flowers.

And a little girl
Introduced my traditional form
Waterfall drowning a river’s island.

And a little girl
The leafless trees of winter
Stared out blank green canvases.

And the little girl said,
Is there no reason to punch someone
For economic effect?
Who eats dried turtle flower topping?
In the butt hole?

The butt hole.
Punch him right in the butt hole.

When they are out there braiding sweet grass
Like a native group fishing on the fourth day.
Don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to do it yourself.
He deserves it, and you know it, she said.
Punch him right in the butt hole.

There is no such thing as a controlled burn
Fishing nitrogen free
In the coastal Alaskan trees, she said.
Punch him right in the butt hole.

For driver leaned toward city bracing for where
You put a hand on his shoulder, she said.
Punch him right in the butt hole.

And don’t ask if he deserved it.
My farts smell exactly like
Plain Lay’s Potato Chips, she said.



TheRichardBraxton is a struggling writer. He never learned how to read or write. He randomly smashes the keyboard with his fists and his face then magical poetry comes out the other end. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master's degree from Mississippi State University.

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