Peeping, Toms cat written by SMiles at

Peeping, Toms Cat

Peeping, Toms cat

written by: SMiles




Through the chill of a broken window
passed the moonlit frosted ground
as neighbours go, he’s often gone
black Tom’s out on his nightly prowl

stealthily peeping from the unders to the overs
downing streets and upping ally’s, head swivelling this and that
way into early morning stirs
blends of shadows maintain the anonymity

elusive enigma, immune to a detectors detection
wading through shallow hearts, ruthless to a fault
a slick back swagger walk, belaying a devil’s eye
beaded green and ready fixed, open to the spy

one in front of each deliberate stepped
ahead of the game, a consequential chess
with an instantaneous payment, played out spot on
blighted or blotted, copy booked littered reputation

silhouetted curtains suggesting human form
appear to disappear with extinguishing borrowed light
returned as memories, refrigerated until O’clock four
recollections of titillations, misplaced for admirations.

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