People Like Me, poetry written by Henry Bladon at
Marcel Herms

People Like Me

People Like Me

written by: Henry Bladon


Everywhere there are people like me.
        Gentle but fragile.

about everything and nothing.
One day I will be whole and enjoy 
        the lightness I used 
                to know.

Before I was like this.

I have dreams
        to drink again from
                a pure stream.        

When things will be okay.



This is a poem inspired by ‘My Little Underground’, a piece by Dutch artist Marcel Herms.

Henry Bladon

Henry Bladon

Henry is a writer of all types of fiction based in Somerset in the UK. He has a PhD in creative writing from the University of Birmingham and runs a writing support group for people with mental health issues. His work has been in entropy, 50WordStories, Bloodaxe, The Ekphrastic Review, thedrabble and FridayFlashFiction among other places.
Henry Bladon

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