Perceptions, poetry by Farrukh Altaf at



written by: Farrukh Altaf


Magic isn’t real, but an illusion,
look here, manipulate there, a smart confusion,

It is you who has made me wonder,
how many truths will simultaneously surrender,

Synapses, firing neurons, weaving a web,
surfing on a tide, high will give in to an ebb,

How do you play so sly,
toss a coin, half probability, and you make it a lie,

A lifetime passes on truths’ constitution,
but you pull off a veil, and call it fiction,

An ordinary noun because of you, takes a ‘proper’ crown,
the staircase taking me up, is the one coming down,

You are rogue, yet give a benediction,
I even love your  name – PERCEPTION.

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