Perhaps, a poem written by Dinka Bednjacic at
Peng Chen



written by: Dinka Bednjacic


It is in the way

how gently the summer air

brushes by my face

Silver birch reveals

inflicted scars

under glistening leaves

In the way

parched arid earth

expresses gratitude

to a teeming rain,

in a burst of vivid hues

Golden diosma emits aroma

in waking hours

In the way birds gather

on a power line

joining each other

in early morning invocation,

waiting to announce

a daylight coming

In the way a freeway echo

blends with voices

through a sudden

blast of wind

and then

melts into a distance


it is in the way

your eyes smile

still half asleep

way we discover joy

in simple things,

where ordinary words

create an impact

In the way

we surrender willingly

to a new born day

dressed in colours of hope

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