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written by: Alyssa Brocker



a spotlight blinds her.
it doesn’t ask her to act,
it commands.
she raises her hands,
trying to protect herself,
but somehow,
she gives her best performance,
smiling, bowing,
the audience clapping mechanically,
because we’ve all seen this show before,
and it doesn’t end well for you.
the spotlight turns off,
and all she knows is one deep feeling.
she tastes this foreign emotion,
trying it on, seeing how it fits.
she decides she doesn’t like it,
but it has a no-return policy.
the spotlight enjoys watching
the cold,
lonely girl,
who used to
across life's stage.
now, she works the spotlight,
unable to walk away.

Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker

2016 AUTHOR OF THE YEAR at Spillwords.com
Alyssa Brocker is a twenty-year old college graduate.
She found her love for poetry by working with her theater group to create an original play written in prose.
She lives with her beloved dog who is always her first reader.
Alyssa Brocker

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