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written by: Steven Anton Butler



His sword, unsheathed,
the young man pulls his Knight’s sword out:
he presses the tip of the blade against his tongue,
and bleeds all over him.

His knight thus pulls his sword
and watches with pleasure,
as the young man begins to unravel.

Slowly coming undone,
the young man’s petals fall at his Knight’s feet,
as the Knight’s blade grew sharper with each layer unraveling.

Once completely bare,
the knight then thrusted his
piercing the young man through his heart.
Thus releasing his soul.



I came up with petals while reading Jean Genet. I just loved how unapologetic his verse was when writing about  giving a man fellatio. I wanted to emulate his boldness in a romantic way  so I came up with petals. The petals are a euphemism for stripping down bare and exposing yourself to a man you desire.  The knight is the white knight, and I hope you can guess what the sword represents.

Steven Anton Butler

Steven Anton Butler

Steven Anton Butler is a writer/ photographer from Texas
He is the author of The Eccentricities of S.A.B.
Steven Anton Butler

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