Pieces of Peace, a poem by Enoble Asuquo at Spilwords.com
Tyzana Craig

Pieces of Peace

Pieces of Peace

written by: Enoble Asuquo


Pain is motion, pleasure too, and emotions are
activities, peace is not calm, calm can be
sad, peace is not happy either, peace is rest.

Negative emotions, positive emotions,
hustles, achievements, and failures, at the end of
everything man seeks peace.

When man is asleep, man is at peace, when
man dies, the living say, “Rest in peace.”

Peace is a state of nothing.

They can give you no worries, but no one
can give you peace.

Where two or more are gathered, peace is
far away.

Peace is simple, peace is easy, peace is
lonely, if you choose peace you will need
nothing else but man needs everything else.

True peace is near impossible to reach while
living in a society of men, men can only
get pieces of peace by detaching.

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