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Pieces of You

written by: Lee Dunn


Do you ever look back on your reasons and motives
for regrettable things that you’ve done?
For thinking that you’re such a generous soul
When you toss a few coins to a bum?

Have you flinched when you passed by that face you thought ugly
Or that person you judged as “retarded”?
And moved away quickly, secure in the knowing
They safely could be disregarded.

And you say that your friends, some are black, some are Jewish
And you think yourself prejudice free
But you still fail to value, on Twitter and Facebook
Any similar pictures you see

The slow, the deformed, and the people with Down’s
They’re such an insult to your vanity
You’re scared half to death, and you shamefully think
That they’re all on the verge of insanity

The faggot, the fairy, the butch and the queer
Your phobia’s surely not lacking
You’re “straight”, and you’re “normal”, you’re better than them
And so you are prone to attacking.

After this, you may think that I preach from a pulpit
Self-righteously pointing at thee
And all of these things could be pieces of you,
But I know they are pieces of me.

Lee Dunn

Lee Dunn

Retired after 50 years in the workforce.
Have been a voracious reader for most of my life, and dabbled in the writing of poetry and fiction for a time. Now that time allows, I’m pursuing writing.
I have had work published in the Shelburne Free Press.
I blog at AreMyFeetOffTheGround and there you will find anything from the surreal to the horrifying to the humorous, with a healthy peppering of poetry in the space between.
Lee Dunn

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