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Pieces On The Wind

Pieces On The Wind

written by: Colleen M. Tice



“Hold onto me, don’t look away from me!” he said.
She slips closer to the edge of the cliff, “Can’t you see I am a mess? I don’t deserve to be saved.”
His grip tightens on her hand, “Yes, you are worth saving. You are beautiful, you are precious! Please come to me. Please hold onto me!”
“I am pieces, ready to fly away into the wind. I am only dry leaves floating on the air.”
“No! You are my heart, my life, my love!”
Shaking her head, denying his pleas she pulls her hand from his grip. Falling from the cliff the only sound she hears is his screams of horror.
Then complete blissful silence before darkness wraps its embrace around her.
He falls to his knees, holding onto a piece of her shirt, the last piece of her.
He had grabbed it when he had tried to save her, holding onto it tightly,
his tears flood his eyes while his screams shatter the peace.

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