Pilgrimage of Love, a poem by Pramod Rastogi at Spillwords.com
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Pilgrimage of Love

Pilgrimage of Love

written by: Pramod Rastogi


Let me drink your glass of sorrow
And let your grief be mine.
You have emptied glasses of wine
And put a candle in each
To lighten your grief, by banishing
Love that had infiltrated our lives.

I sip slowly your lips of sorrow
And I clasp your tender hands.
Consolation is no remedy for a lover,
As its emptiness, woefully holy,
Adds more warmth to the burning light,
Melting my weary heart with her grief.

Friendship was our common goal.
We never knew when we fell in love.
Our hearts burned with passion
And always fondly perched in pair.
We lit candles for birthdays
And had dinners in candlelight.

Restlessness is the clamor of life.
The best of our dreams faded away
In the darkness of moonless nights,
As we sat enlaced in each other’s arms
With our glasses of wine and lit candles
To bid farewell to our pilgrimage of love.

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