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Pillow Talk

written by: Tom Burton


‘Careful, honey, it’s loaded,’ he warned, exiting the bathroom.
His lover lounged amid rumpled sheets, examining the handgun. ‘Does your wife know?’
He scoffed. ‘That dumb cow? She thinks I'm away on business.'
She rolled over to face him. 'You gonna do it yourself, then?'
'Nah. Too risky for myself. I’m hiring a professional.’ He crawled up the bed, peppering her stomach with kisses. 'Once she's out the picture, I'll collect the life insurance and we're minted.'
She raised an eyebrow. ‘What about me? Maybe I could do it.’
He chuckled above her. ‘That's cute, darlin'. But women ain't killers. Besides, who’d ever be crazy enough to hire a female hitman?' He leaned in for a kiss.
Cold metal pressed against his jaw. He froze.
She smirked up at him, her finger on the trigger. ‘Your wife.’

Tom Burton

Tom Burton

Tom Burton is a mid-twenties writer living and working on the Devon coast. By day, he is a public-sector worker helping feed the nation; by night, an avid reader. He currently rescues books from the scrap heap into charity shops in his spare time, and is completing his first anthology of short fiction.
Tom Burton

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