Pink Hues, a poem by Ashley Sawyer at
Annie Spratt

Pink Hues

Pink Hues

written by: Ashley Sawyer


Pink Hues placed upon your lips
There was never an occasion
These tones were absent from your aura.

You graced the room with ease
When friends turned killers and
Whispers danced but
You never curtseyed.
You held on so tightly to your lipstick.
Never sharing the hues, but it always
Stained the wine glass in your hands.

There were moments we shared
And moments I stole
Later on in the end days.
Moments of agony,
Moments of grace.

You gave me the pink hue
On the night of the celebration.
You went too quietly into the night and,
By force or by choice,
kissed no one goodbye
With those pink hues.

I held onto that fashion
In hopes of reliving the past, but
I could never amount
To the justice
that the pink hues gave

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