Please Love Yourself, a poem written by Aida at
Soragrit Wongsa

Please Love Yourself

Please Love Yourself

written by: Aida


Did I get, what I wish for, I didn’t quit
and I still treat myself without guilt.
I love myself, first and foremost,
I shower myself all the best, to quest
what my craving taste.

Chocolate is my surest comfort, with
no effort, to de-stress. Loving self is
making love to oneself, a good way,
to express all women’s wishes, to be
a one day princess.

Buying a precious diamond, is
not really girl’s best friend, only
true loving care, is needed, not
costly, which I cared most. I rather
get out, chill out with my date.

A nail spa, a haircut works, taking a
day off work, good for mental health.
All day sunbathing while reading a good
book, is worth more than a sport and
soak in a bubble hot bath, is for a grub.

Get your running shoes, run, dance with
your iTunes. Recondition your tired body,
like old tune up machine. See a movie,
go shopping, trim your body in the gym.
You’re not a superhero, with a body of steel.

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