Poet, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at Spillwords.com
Pierre Bamin



written by: Charlie Bottle



You are always a poet,
the alchemist who transmutes
the world’s elemental emotions
the gamut of desires
the clutches of feelings
that roar as oceans
and are placid as lakes,
you will always be a poet
who hears the bird songs
and understands the words
of the language of the spheres.

You are always a wordsmith
inlaying emotions into imagery
within the jigs of meter and rhyme
capturing the fury of indignation,
the mellow sweet nothings of love,
the writhing of lovers in passion’s throes
who voices the Patriots love
and the heroes undying bravery
the tinkling laughter of a child,
the giggling of a mother’s glee.

Come, Smith, your forge is on fire,
don’t let the words grow cold,
hammer them into jewelry
that others wear in times untold,
Fashion your words into hooks
on which other lines hang
like suspension bridges
they link reality and imagination
hold wonder and awe,
and connect beauty to splendor.

Return to the halls of The Poets Guild
where the muses and minds meet
where we issue the clarion calls
to let society know we are poets
who see and tell all as it is,
OK! so we embellish sometimes,
but we join heaven and earth
from the voices that speak
to our heart, the reality of truth.
Come back Poet! and shine
Good Verse Smith, in your winged lines,
Let your voice speak now
and echo into the future,
“At each turn of choice
The Poet chose Love
and became her voice”.

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