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written by: DEBRA JOSEPH


Across the ocean many miles at sea,

a mermaid he saw that day

he steered his boat

to catch sight of her,

but deep into the ocean

she just disappears


the whole night he sat

in his boat as the waves

crashed against the hull

waiting to see her

tired he fell asleep

at the break of dawn

a big splash rocks his boat


and he is woken from his sleep

he rises –

to find the mermaid inside his boat

he is motionless,

he is mesmerised by her

is that a dream

or is it for real?


mermaid at sea.

Debra Joseph

Debra Joseph

I have my first book published and it's called "Whispers from the Heart" & my second book is "Sail into the World of my poems". Both available on Amazon. Writing comes to me pretty naturally, I write whatever comes from my heart and at the spur of the moment. I have not been to any writing class, but manage to learn when I am corrected. You are most welcome to leave your critics when you read/visit my poems.
Debra Joseph

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