Poetry In Progress written by AngelFace44 at Spillwords.com

Poetry In Progress

Poetry in Progress

written by: AngelFace44



Working late, laptop in hand

across the keyboard fingers fly.

Earphones fill my ears with music

caressing its way through my mind.


A random word grabs my thoughts

it’s demanding to be heard.

The voice of Creativity is sparked

igniting a chain reaction of words.


To the side, forming thoughts are pushed

no distractions from work can I allow.

Still, in my mind, some images linger

there’s just no time to describe them now.


I took note of thoughts and phrases

for poetic means they have been claimed.

Seeking a folder to store my gems

I quickly assess each name.


The title of a poem on every last one

the words inside all polished and pretty.

None would do, for these words, still raw

be they loving, sad or witty.


A new folder created, I briefly thought

of what I should put as the title.

Potential filled each word inside

in using them, I will not be idle.


Poetry in Progress, the title shall be.

Like diamonds in the rough, poems start.

In time, the Poet in me will return

and finish creating my words into art.

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