Poetry is Miserable, poem by Aparna M P at Spillwords.com

Poetry is Miserable

Poetry is Miserable

written by: Aparna M P


Poetry is miserable
It is a luxurious world of sorrows.
Those who embrace sorrow
Please open that door
You see unspoken and unbelievable lives of Lunatics
‘Lunatics’ – who sacrificed their lives to an imaginary world, they only knew…

They ate, slept, wept, made love, and died in a different reality.
Only their bodies were present during their funerals
But their souls wandered with happiness in another dimension
In another world…

A world full of sorrows
A world full of miserable people
A world where tiny stupid things matter
And a world where every drop is valued for its own contribution

In their reality there are no lunatics,
There is no sorrow and
No one is miserable
All they say and have is some scattered words arranged in soulful order

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